Jumat, 25 April 2014

Sadness Roses

Hi.. lucky me to meet u. I always happy if I'm with u, u always make me comfort. You're a good person. You're always willing if I need u, anytime, anywhere. You're always willing to listren and comfort me if I'm complaining about all my problems. Thankyou for your sincerity. Thankyou for everything, I hope u always faithful, for me, for us.


Already the way up here but there are still doubt on you. I'm sorry, but I wanna u to prove it to me. I feel doubt on u cause I don't believe if u already move up from your ex-gf.
I'm self-conscious, I'm not better from your ex-gf or the other. I know you've been a long time, I know what you did to your ex, and its different for me. Ans I think, who I am? I'm not anyone for u.


If u don't find what you're looking at me, you may find in another person. It's simple.

And then.... I'm give up now. Just time who can answer all, time has a lot of surprises.

I hope, ending of our journey not like this roses.